Copy of 791 Your Review – Seized Web Pharmacy but with Good Reviews, before it was seized by the government, was known as “Popular Pills Online”. As you may have observed, the store had a different domain name than its actual store name – frankly, it is usual for shops to have a store name vastly different than its web address for some reason. Anyway, I’m not […]

Copy of 788 World Review – It’s Seized But There’s Little Proof that it was an Illegal Store was a modest online pharmacy that had a clean, pleasing website. It aimed to dispense generic medicines to global clients and at the least possible rates by sourcing these medicines from reliable generic manufacturers across the globe. Sadly, this store’s now gone, no thanks to the government’s efforts in eradicating purportedly illegal sellers of counterfeit […]

Us Review – Pay Less for Brand and Generic Medications is an online drugstore that was set up in 2004 which claims to provide a solution to people who cannot afford to buy medications at high prices in local pharmacies. This is achieved by providing cheap generic and brand medications that are of high quality. Sky Pharmacy is located in Canada and has the approval […]

Goodchemist Review – Another Victim of the US Government’s Campaign? was an online drugstore that stopped operating after receiving a seized order from the US government and the Europol. The seized order was given for selling without the license or selling unapproved by the US FDA products online. The operation to seized online pharmacies was the government’s way of ensuring public safety against fake medicines. […]

Copy of 534 Reliablemedicationsrx Review – Was it Really a Reliable Shop? was another affiliate marketing website – a site that operates as one of the online arms of one big pharmacy service company. This store had a lot of online records on the web archive and according to the store details, it’s about 9 years old at the time of the records. The store is now […]

Copy of 533 Quebec Review – Canadian Store Now Gone was an online drugstore that was perhaps another member of a pharmacy network since I am positive I’ve seen many other online drugstores having the same template and the same “Canadian Drug Store” name. The Quebec Pharmacy Net store is another case of a store with a misaligned store name and domain name – honestly, […]

Orderonlinemeds Review – A Closed Pharmacy with no Customer Comments

Order Online Meds was a pharmacy that focused largely on the sale of generic medications. As of 2018, the drugstore is no longer operational. The pharmacy website did not mention when it was established or where its physical location was. However, my research proved that it was most likely located in the United States. The […]

Generic4allglobal Review – A Drugstore with no Proven Reputation and Nice Prices is an online pharmacy that has most of the drugs buyers would need. The pharmacy has been online for quite a long time if the year indicated on its website is when it was founded. The drugstore tagline indicates “approved online pharmacy since 1998”. This shows the pharmacy has been on the internet for […]

Live Review – Non-Prescription Online Pharmacy with Suspicios Reviews operated as an internet pharmacy from 2013 to 2017. For four years, this Canadian online pharmacy supplied its customers with generic and branded medicines. On their website, they had CIPA and MIPA logos and a CPA approved logo as well. They shared that they have been operating for the last 7 years though perhaps […]

Sun4rx Review – Closed Down for No Clear Reasons was an online pharmacy that offered a huge range of affordable medicines to its customers on the web. Its site was founded around the year 2014 but it suddenly became unavailable just recently for unknown reasons. Its IP address appears to have already been deactivated, making its previously accessible site now closed. Its content is now […]